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Maine Guide Services

Maine Coast Explorers creates and delivers many different tour options and services. Take a look at some of the examples below to see what fits your needs. All tours and services are customized to the needs, abilities, and desires of each party.

Single Traveler Companion Services

Let me describe this all too common scenario and see if you fall into this category. You’re a solo traveler who wants to get the most out of your trip to Maine but exploring off the beaten path by yourself can be a little unnerving, confusing, lonely, and sometimes dangerous or you do have someone with you but they are unable to explore or simply unwilling to explore.

You want to see everything but your partner isn’t physically or mentally able, wants to read a book, or needs some time to do their own thing. I see this all the time as a guide. This service is perfect for people who are traveling alone or have a partner with different needs. Don’t miss out on an awesome Maine experience due to this very common situation. This is the best service for all parties involved. The solo traveler gets an amazing Maine experience with the freedom to explore with a safe, professional, and personable Maine Guide while the other person (if there is another person) gets some time to themselves. Here’s a hint guys, is there a special someone who’s so persistent to get out there and go that you can’t find time to relax? Well, book them a tour with me and problem solved. Everybody gets what they want, everybody’s happy, and your vacation is Blissful! Contact me to make sure you and anyone else you’re traveling with gets the Maine experience they deserve. $150/half day, $300/full day.

Resort Based Services

Are you a resort owner or manager looking to enhance your amenities and elevate your status and appeal within the travel and hospitality industries? Do you want to stand out from the thousands of other resorts here in Maine? Great, because I spent several years developing a program that will do just that! Depending on your location, I offer onsite group tours or private guided tours for your guests that want an exceptional Maine experience.  These tours will create lifelong vacation memories that will bring them back year after year and attract new clientele that are looking for exceptional service and amenities above the rest.  Contact me to take your amenities to the next level.

International Traveler Services

Are you an international traveler or international tour group provider? I have spent a great portion of my life traveling the world and studying foreign cultures. I have also guided many international travelers from all over the world here in Maine. I understand many of the world’s cultural norms and complexities. For this reason, I am very sensitive to the additional needs of international travelers. I find great joy in guiding international travelers and helping them understand Maine’s very unique and fascinating culture. Contact me to start planning your exceptional Maine experience with a culturally sensitive guide.

Travel Club Tour Guide Services

Do you manage or belong to a travel club and want to create an amazing Maine experience for your members? Contact me to start planning your exceptional Maine experience.